All About Arsenic

About This Project

Building School and Community Collaborations to Eliminate Arsenic from Drinking Water in Maine and New Hampshire: A Model for the US

All About Arsenic is a two-year project intended to create and pilot a national model of environmental education that facilitates schools and community organizations working together to address the public health risks of exposure to toxic contaminants in drinking water, with a particular focus on arsenic. Dr. Jane Disney, a senior staff scientist at MDI Biological Laboratory in Salisbury Cove, Maine is the principal investigator on the project, which is an EPA Environmental Education Models Grant.

Beginning in 2016, the project will begin to implement well water monitoring projects with schools and community partners in Maine and New Hampshire. The grant brings together teachers, their students, and community health partners to accomplish goals in private well water testing across the two states. The All About Arsenic website will house activities, resources, and links to relevant sites. It will also provide project information, mapping capabilities, and a blog for students to facilitate data-sharing and communication between schools and community partners. All of the water test results will be entered in a data portal that can be downloaded and analyzed by students and community members interested in arsenic trends.