Project Development

 Planning Documents

Memorandum of Understanding: Agreement between the Collaborators and the Evaluators  of the All About Arsenic project.

Timeline For Implementation: A timeline for implementing All About Arsenic.

Budget Example: A mock budget for a high school with detailed expenses to the right of the template.

Pilot Project

Arsenic Project Pilot Report: We tested the ease and simplicity of the sample collection process for the arsenic monitoring project and gathered feedback from participants, which we used to address issues.


January 21, 2016: Agenda and minutes from phone call with the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Quarterly Reports

Quarter 1 EPA Report

Quarter 2 EPA Report

Quarter 3 EPA Report


Participant Observation Informed Consent Form: A University of Maine-specific form that must be shared with teachers before evaluators or grant personnel visit the classroom.

Guiding Questions for Teachers: Things for teachers to be thinking about as they journal in their online journals and evaluate students on the project.