Why Arsenic?

Information on arsenic in food, water, and other sources produced by the Dartmouth Toxic Metals Superfund Research Program. 

A ten minute movie about the risks associated with exposure to potentially harmful amounts of arsenic in private well water.

I have too much_______ in my well. What do I do?

This short video by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention explains how to understand your well water test results.

The Be Well Informed Guide from NHDES is designed to help you understand your water test results and, if your well water has commonly found pollutants in it, provide information about health concerns and water treatment choices.

Arsenic resources from the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, including tipsheets, data, published reports, and help interpreting test results. 

Arsenic information, including treatment and compliance strategies, from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. 


Tip Sheets