Tuva Lessons

Five Initial Data Lessons

Use the Five Initial Data Lessons to scaffold data literacy learning. Click on the lessons below to view tutorials for each corresponding lesson.

Basics of graphing in Tuva, ask questions, and choose graph type.

Target Skill VideoTuva Dataset
Basics1) Hello Data
2) Get to Know a Dataset
Arsenic in Well Water
Loons & Mercury
Ask Questions3) What Questions Can I Ask?Atlantic Hurricanes
Variability and Distributions4) Variability Matters
5) Ask a Statistical Question
Household Electricity Use
Air Quality & Weather
What Kind of Graph?6) What Kind of Graph?Hurricanes

Hello Data

Get to Know a Dataset

What Questions Can I Ask?

Variability Matters

As students and teachers collect data as part of the SEPA All About Arsenic project, it will be deposited on the arsenic data portal on Tuva. There is no need to upload your arsenic data to Tuva. Links to data literacy resources are available on the Tuva Arsenic Data landing page. Data from the 2015-2017 EPA All About Arsenic project is housed on Tuva as well.

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