Frenchboro information for the Healthy Water, Healthy Aging project.

Frenchboro, also known as Outer Long Island, is actually a community comprised of over 10 separate islands. Now part of Hancock County, Swan’s Island is the traditional territory of the Penobscot people. The island is heavily involved in fishing, but like many of the islands, community members wear many hats, helping Frenchboro thrive. Frenchboro has a K-8 school on the island and is a member of the Outer Islands Teaching and Learning Collaborative. Another feature that makes Frenchboro so unique is that it supports over 13 miles of hiking trails on its Maine Coast Heritage Trust preserve. The year-round population of Frenchboro is around 30, growing to about 100 during the summer season.

To learn more about Frenchboro, follow along on their community page.

Frenchboro Town Links | Town of Frenchboro (

To explore Frenchboro’s outdoor recreation opportunities, check out the Maine Coast Heritage Trust website below.

Frenchboro Preserve, Frenchboro – Maine Coast Heritage Trust (

Frenchboro Project Status Table

Thanks to our collaboration with Maine Seacoast Mission and the Frenchboro community, the Healthy Water Healthy Aging project has been successful on Frenchboro! Below are the running statistics for project participation and the results for what our drinking water samples are showing. Check back in to see how this project grows and what we find together!

Drinking Water Test Kits Sent OutDrinking Water Test Kits ReturnedDrinking Water Surveys TakenNumber of Contaminated SamplesContamination Type
9692Manganese, Iron, Arsenic