Matinicus information for the Healthy Water, Healthy Aging project.

Matinicus, one of the most remote communities on the east coast, sits about 20 miles offshore in Penobscot Bay and is named for the Abenaki word translating to “far out island”. Matinicus has long been inhabited by fishing and seafaring folks. The Penobscot people traditionally fished and seal hunted on Matinicus, and today, fishing is still one of largest industries on island. Matinicus is known for its strong tradition of fishing, especially lobster, and there are ten major fishing grounds around the island. Matinicus is a plantation and part of Knox County. The year-round population sits just under 20, with the island totaling 100-200 during the summer season.

To learn more about Matinicus, follow along on their community page.

Matinicus Isle Plantation – Official Website (

Matinicus Project Status Table

Thanks to our collaboration with Maine Seacoast Mission and the Matinicus community, the Healthy Water Healthy Aging project has been successful on Matinicus! Below are the running statistics for project participation and the results for what our drinking water samples are showing. Check back in to see how this project grows and what we find together!

Drinking Water Test Kits Sent OutDrinking Water Test Kits ReturnedDrinking Water Surveys TakenNumber of Contaminated SamplesContamination Type