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How to Participate: Healthy Water, Healthy Aging™

It is easy to participate in the Healthy Water, Healthy Aging™ project. We have outlined the five steps below with How To videos for additional guidance. If you have any questions about the steps presented, please contact us at arsenic@mdibl.org.

University of New England’s Center for Excellence in Aging and Health has joined with MDI Biological Laboratory in developing a survey for members of the Legacy Scholars program and other Mainers age 55+ who want to share information about their home drinking water. Be sure to add your address to the survey to receive your free water sampling kit!

STEP 1: Take Survey

Click on link above or logo to the right to complete survey.

STEP 2: Open Water Sampling Kit

Itemized list of kit contents at link above and picture to the right.

STEP 3: Collect Water Sample

Instructions at link above and video to the right.

STEP 4: Log Sample Data in Anecdata

Instructions at link above and video to the right.

STEP 5: Check Your Results!

Your samples will be sent to the Dartmouth Trace Element Analysis Core for testing. We will notify you when results are available by email. You can check your results by adding your sample number (located on magnet) to the sample look up box on the right:

NEXT STEPS: Click here to learn more about EPA Standards for Drinking Water Contaminants and other helpful resources.