For Samplers

Those who have contributed water samples to the All About Arsenic project can look up their test results here:

Look up your sample number

Sample Collection

What do I need to do?

You should receive a sampler packet which includes:

  • A cover letter with a permission form for guardians/parents to sign
  • A data sheet to fill out sample information.
  • A labeled 50 mL tube with your sample number.
  • A labeled 120 mL container if you’re collecting a duplicate sample.
  • Parafilm to seal the container(s) (wrap it around the lid after you’ve capped the container — watch this how-to if you can’t figure it out)
  • A pre-labeled refrigerator magnet with your sample number.

How to register your sample

To register a sample, visit the All About Arsenic data entry sheet on If you have not already “joined” the project, you can do so by clicking “join”. After that you can add your data using the “+observation” button.

Interested in the Dataset?

The All About Arsenic dataset is routinely updated on our custom Tuva data literacy platform. Anyone is welcome to explore the data using this convenient software. Data attributes can be dragged and dropped on the X and Y axes to take a “quick look” at the data by school, county, or state. Below is a graph generated in Tuva.