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Orchards, Gardens and Fields Project Management

Project Overview

Project Checklist for Teachers

Materials List

Soil collection kits will be sent to teachers and partners. Each kit will contain:

  • 1 Soil corer
  • Protocol for sample collection
  • Sample bags with ID labels
  • Duplicate set of ID labels for sieved samples (optional step)
  • Data sheet copies for field use

Email shipping address to ktaylor@mdibl.org to request a kit.

Sample Collection

Use the Orchards, Gardens and Fields collection form to document site information.   

OGF Sample Collection protocol

OGF Soil Drying Procedure

Sample Tracking

Use this sheet to keep track of soil sample ID numbers and soil specifications of collection site.

Sample Registration

Sample registration is mandatory. Record your collected data in Anecdata.

Shipping Samples

When you’ve finished collecting samples, email arsenic@mdibl.org to arrange shipment.

Make sure the sample bags are securely closed before sending to prevent loss and cross contamination. Pack your samples as tightly as you can so they don’t move around in transit. You could stuff the remainder of your package with newsprint or bubble wrap. 

How to Check Results

Access Orchards, Gardens and Fields project on Anecdata to see results of submitted samples.

Case Study

At the end of the project, you’ll write up a case study. Case studies will be posted on the website to help future teachers, will provide a record of the variety of curriculum and activities students took part in, and document the community meetings. Check out the OGF Case Studies tab for a template.