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Taking Action

Community Action

What is "Action"? Writing postcards Writing editorials Make brochures/posters and distribute Write to your representatives  Make maps Tell someone about it Students reaching out to parents Host a community meeting Piggyback on another event...
Data to Action Toolkit

Data to Action Toolkit

Welcome to the Data to Action Toolkit, created for teachers to use with their students or for students themselves to get a deeper understanding and guidance when it comes to take our scientific data a step further. Here you will find a series of...

Financial Support

Need financial assistance for repairing your well or mitigating contaminants? Check out some of these state-specific resources. Maine : Maine Housing’s Arsenic Abatement Program provides grants to eligible single-family homeowners or landlords w...

Legislation and Advocacy

Advocacy Groups Defend our Health Legislation Maine LD 1891 LD1891, HP 1401 An Act to Continue Supporting Safe Drinking Water for Maine Families Signed/EnactedThe bill will enable the Maine State Housing Authority to provide...
Student Accomplishments

Student Accomplishments

As part of the Data to Action project, students mobilize their communities to address issues related to private well water safety through community meetings, forums and events. Here are some examples of what our students have accomplished: Public...