Explore the AAA Dataset

Explore with Anecdata

The full All About Arsenic dataset (with personally identifiable information redacted) is available here for exploration or download on Anecdata.org.

Anecdata is a free online platform that is used by hundreds of groups to collect and share environmental and human health data.

Use the map to explore arsenic samples collected in the course of this project. Hexagons are shaded by the total number of samples collected; locations are approximate.

Explore the AAA dataset using Tuva

Tuva is a data literacy solutions platform that makes it easy to visualize, explore, filter, interpret, and make sense of data in different ways, and to calculate basic summary statistics, and annotate graphs with arrows, movable reference lines, notes, and other highlighting tools. 

Project teachers will learn how to use Tuva in conjunction with All About Arsenic data, gaining confidence and capability to teach their students to manage, interpret, and communicate environmental health data in the context of a citizen science project. As students and teachers collect data as part of the SEPA All About Arsenic project, it is deposited on the arsenic data portal on Tuva. Links to data literacy resources are available on the Tuva Arsenic Data landing page. Data from the 2015-2017 EPA All About Arsenic project is housed on Tuva as well.